Capillary Spooling Trailer

  • Spooling trailer will handle a 60 inch capillary spool.
  • Spooler control system also has a secondary wireless control for level wind.
  • The system is ran by a 4 cylinder 35 horsepower Kubota engine.
  • 10,000 psi 35 gal/min triplex pump system.
  • Triplex has a 2 speed hydraulic system for rate and psi pumping.
  • System has a 7600 lbs Stellar Boom Crane with a 21 ft. stick.
  • Crane has a wireless control system.
    • Wireless system advantages:
    • Allows operator any view during lifts.
    • Allows personnel added distance from the buffer zone during lifts.
  • Trailer has hydraulic stabilizing jack systems on all 4 corners of trailer.

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