About Us

Aggressive MFG was established in May 2011. The business was started with the partnership of an four experienced individuals in the oil and gas industry. Mr. Dirk Lee and Mr. Jody Kindred had 17 years in the high pressure service industry and equipment manufacturing, Mr. Rae Burrows had 30 plus years in the machining industry, and Mr. Glynn Todd Smith had 10 years in carbide and welding fabrication. The group combined their expertise to create a business that would succeed in providing their customers with superior quality tools, products and service at a competitive rate to the oil and gas industry. In early 2014 the business started a manufacturing line of oilfield service equipment. In June 2014, Mr. Joe Bob Sanford joined the company to expand the equipment manufacturing line of the business. Mr. Sanford’s 23 years of manufacturing and fabrication has only strengthened and expanded the ability of the company. Aggressive manufacturing will always strive to meet and exceed the needs of our customers.

Client List

  • Key Fishing and Rental
  • Weatherford
  • Baker-Hughes
  • Energy Fishing and Rental
  • Complete
  • Forum
  • Map Oil Tools
  • Vision Oil Tools
  • Voodoo Oil Tools
  • Smith
  • Redzone
  • Jims Rental Services
  • Snubco USA
  • Total Thru Tubing
  • Thru Tubing Solutions